Watch the First Full Trailer for Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘I’m So Excited!’

At this point, it’s pretty much guaranteed that anything director Pedro Almodóvar does is going to totally bizarre, totally him, and I will love it. And after skinning us—psychologically—with The Skin I Live In, I’m pleased that he’s went on to make something a bit lighter, albeit about a plane crash.

With his new vibrant comedy I’m So Excited! we’ve already seen a Spanish trailer, a huge batch of stills from the film, and heard a taste of the score and now TotalFilm has released the full trailer and of course, this looks fantastic. In this preview we learn a little more about the plot and get a look at some of the other characters but still with plenty of lip-syncing, dancing, theatrics, drinking, and hip shaking. Also, Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas even pop up at the very end. Take a look.

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