Watch the First Bloody Trailer for Neil Jordan’s ‘Byzantium’

Before the Twilights and True Bloods of the world, there was Neil Jordan’s 1994 Interview With a Vampire. And after almost a decade, the writer and director is back with a new blood-soaked story with Byzantium. Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, the film gives a dark spin the classic vamp tale, focusing on an undead mother and daughter (played by Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan) attempting to live in a modern world while satisfying their carnal and insatiable thirst for human blood.The official Tribeca synopsis of the film reads:

For the past two hundred years, Eleanor’s story has been held captive, silenced by her protective “sister” Clara. Demure Eleanor longs to purge the history that made them into nomadic sanguivores. When the gruesome past comes haunting, they are forced to move to a small seaside town. Clara quickly secures a haven for them in the dilapidated Byzantium Hotel, while Eleanor finds solace in the companionship of a local boy. The bond proves dangerous when Eleanor deems him trustworthy, revealing the truth of who she is and how she survives. As Clara and Eleanor become more exposed, the body count begins to rise, resulting in a wild hunt for blood. 

Byzantium fuses the polished and alluring with the vicious brutality that accompanies all great vampire films. Jordan skillfully weaves romance with the gothic and gory, producing a seductive story with stunning spectral scenes. 

Check out the trailer below and see the film when it makes its way into theaters June 28th.

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