Watch the Book Trailer For ‘Stanley Kubrick & Me’

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but fine, then I shall judge it by its trailer. And well sure, of course books have trailers now. And if the trailer for Stanley Kubrick & Me tells me anything, it’s that I might need a box of tissues.

Set to a piano variation on Wendy Carlos’ iconic synthed-up classical soundtrack for A Clockwork Orange, we learn that Emilio D’Alessanrdo, a former race car driver has written a book about his time spent with one of cinema’s most important figures. After moving to England in the 1960s, D’Alessandro drove minicabs before becoming the exclusive driver for Kubrick and his family.

His book chronincles his personal experiences with the beloved director, saying that he wasn’t only his “employer but his university,” and that he was, “really like a father.” Unlike a lot of the texts written about Kubrick, this isn’t about the brilliance of his work or the obsessive and isolated myths we hear about his personage, this looks to debunk what we’re read before in a compelling account of a life spent watching the work of a great genius. So far, the book is only available in Italian but we’re hoping it finds American publishing soon enough.

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