Watch the 1979 Austrian Film ‘Tom Waits: A Day in Vienna’

If there’s anything more wonderful than watching Tom Waits cranky, hungry, and sweaty while fishing in Jamaica with John Lurie, it’s Waits hanging around Vienna in 1979. Shot by Rudi Dozezal and Hannes Rossacher in April of ’79, he was on a European tour when they approached Waits about filming him for the day, to which he agreed to on the spot. In the film, we follow Waits from a gas station, to the stage, to the piano, to dancing, and oh is it a pleasure to enjoy. In the beginning of the film Waits recalls:

This reminds me of a place I used to work in National City, California, called Spotco Self Service…I worked for a gentleman named Charles Spotco. I was always late for work. I used to stay out at night. I’d come dragging to work, used to get there about ten-thirty in the morning. He’d chew me out and scream at me for being late. He always said I’d never amount to nothing. I never thought I’d be standing in a gas station in Vienna Austria. If I’d of told him that one day, Spotco, I’ll be leaning on a gas pump at a gas station in Vienna Austria, he would have said you gotta be out of your mind.
So grab yourself a whiskey and cigarette and check out the 30-minute film HERE, or take a listen to Waits reading some Bukowski. It mean still be the morning but any time of day on grey days such as this are aching for a little Tom Waits crooning.
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