Watch Nicolas Winding Refn’s Feature-Length Episode of ‘Marple’

Before Nicolas Winding Refn became Hollywood’s current reigning king of brutally possessive and deliciously fetishistic synth-fueled cinema starring Ryan Gosling with an affinity for leaving one too many buttons undone on his standard white shirt, he was still great. But between the Pusher  crime trilogy and Bronson was the disappointment of Fear X, which led to Refn pick up some television work on his path back to the film.

And in 2007, he directed an hour and a half-long episode of Agatha Christie’s Marple for British ITV. Titled “Nemisis,” the show starred Richard E. Grant, and although it’s not quite the Refn whose work we known today, his auteurist touch is still present. When we interviewed Refn recently for Only God Forgives, he spoke about his process, saying:
Whenever I make a film I almost make a point out of erasing all memory of it so that the next one I do bears as little resemblance. Of course if you use the same actor it’s reminiscent, but the challenge is to do something different. But for me, the act of creativity is more exciting than the actual product. I don’t really care about the end, I care about getting to the end.
Check out “Nemesis” below.

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