Watch an Intimate New Clip From ‘Before Midnight’

Much to my delight, I have already had the chance to see Before Midnight. However, if I hadn’t, these past few weeks would have been torture—with an influx of stills, trailers, posters, and interviews, the teasing would be too much. But as I am sure you’re as anxious and excited to see the film as I was, you understand the importance of entering the theater sans spoilers. And of course, I mean spoilers in the most abstract sense, considering this isn’t a movie about narrative twists and turns and reveals but about the intimacy of the characters and just where their relationship has taken them in the nine years we’ve been waiting to see if Jesse ever got on that plane. But don’t worry—this new clip from the film won’t tarnish your viewing of the third installment of Richard Linklater’s transcontinental love story. 

The snippet opens with Celine and Jesse on one of their classic walking and talking ventures—this time in Greece—and begins with Celine asking the heavy question: if they met today, would he still be interested in her? Would he have noticed her on the train? To say more would only take away from the wonderfully bantered moment that shows how far Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke have come in the last two decades.

So watch for yourself below, learn more about the wonderful new film here, here, and here, and make sure to be there on May 24th when Before Midnight strolls into theaters.

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