WATCH: Rafael Grampá’s Eerie Thriller

Absolut Vodka recently launched Transform Today,  a new global campaign that promises to create unique artistic collaborations between artists and audiences both online and offline. #NextFrame was the first in this series of innovative and collaborative projects.

#NextFrame combined the creative talents of brilliant Brazilian cartoonist Rafael Grampá and Absolut’s almost five million Facebook fans—who were called upon to dig into their own creative processes—in co-creating a short 3-D animated film called “Dark Noir.” Facebook fans were invited to submit suggestions at key plot points in the narrative already started by Grampá. Then, Grampá sifted through the thousands of submissions sent in from users in over 20 countries, before tirelessly working to incorporate the selected ideas into his narrative and creating the absolutely original 3-D short animated film.

“Dark Noir” is an dark, eerie thriller that follows Vincent Black, a private eye cursed with the ability to “see the world of ideas” and the “creatures that live in it and plant ideas in people’s minds, using them as puppets.” His cursed ability becomes a blessing when an old man approaches Vincent at a bar and hires him to retrieve the old man’s ideas from the woman who stole them. It’s a twisted tale that’s tangled together with snarling creatures, palpable suspense, and dark themes influenced by the best of Noir. With plenty of twists and turns, evocative illustrations and brilliant colors, “Dark Noir” is in a class of its own.

Watch the making of the film, below:

A private screening of “Dark Noir” was presented to journalists from over 20 countries on Friday, March 14th, in Berlin at the Absolut-sponsored culture space MADE—a unique venue for artists where collaboration, innovation, and demonstration are encouraged and championed, as it can be a gallery, workspace, studio, culture space, performance stage, and all-around creative laboratory. On the following night, a public screening was held and hosted by Grampá himself that resulted in an audience of 300 guests in attendance. Guests were given the opportunity to choose from one of five special cocktails created by Grampá and each inspired by a character from the film.

Jonas Tåhlin, Absolut‘s VP of Global Marketing, said the #NextFrame project “builds on Transform Today’s idea of ‘The future is not a given, it’s yours to create’ by offering an opportunity to those who were inspired by the campaign to actually co-create with of the artists.” He also made note that it “was only half of the project, we also wanted to find a way for Grampá to push his own boundaries…” And Grampá said of this unique artistic accomplishment where he made the transition from cartoonist to animated film director, “I already explore my style through image, sequence, and space. Now I’m  experiencing telling my stories with image, movement, time, and sound.”

Overall, this unique campaign allowed for each participant and established artist involved to collaborate and create outside of their normal process and dig deeper into their imagination.

Watch “Dark Noir” below.

Presented by Absolut

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