Watch a New Clip From Noah Baumbach’s Charming ‘Frances Ha’

As one of the most refreshing and delightful films of the year thus far, Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha plays out like a modern day tribute to classic cinema. Exploring the extraordinary in life’s ennui and confusion, the film tells a charming tale of a woman yearning for more from life, love, friendship, and the struggle for idealistic hope in the face of reality. With Frances Ha Baumbach gives us a black and white look at New York through the eyes of Frances, played by the beautiful and brilliant Greta Gerwig, who co-write the film as well.

Premiering next Friday, we’ve already seen a trailer for the film, but today we get a new clip from the feature giving us a look at the fractured friendship between Frances and her best friend Sophie (played by Mickey Sumner). Known for his meticulous shooting style that involves hundreds of takes, this scene was no exception. Speaking to the New York Times, Gerwig recalls this specific scene requiring 42 takes in total—and it’s only a 28-second clip. But through this repetitive style, Baumbach allowed his actors to truly embody their characters, diving deeper and deeper into what the scene could be with each fresh cut.

So check out the clip below and stay tuned next week for our interviews with Frances Ha‘s Greta Gerwig and Mickey Sumner, Michael Zegen, and Mr. Noah Baumbach himself.

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