Uncovering Life: This Week on Hulu

The pleasure in documentary filmmaking comes from discovering the unknown. And throughout cinematic history, we’ve been given keen insight into some of the greatest studies of the human condition with films that have illuminated untrodden roads and opened our eyes to that which would otherwise remain closed. And this week, the Criterion Collection has made some of the their most daring and wonderful nonfiction films available for free, streaming on Hulu. From poignant political works to behind the scenes reveals to sociological studies and the fantastic in between, you can now get a taste of some of their best features at your leisure. From Les Blank’s Burden of Dreams to Robert Epstein’s The Life of Harvey Milk, peruse the list and preview the films available now to see just what sparks your own cinematic interest. Enjoy.



Burden of Dreams, Les Blank

The Times of Harvey Milk,Robert Epstein

Poto and Cabengo, Jean-Pierre Gorin

Hoop Dreams, Steve James

Warrendale, Allan King

General Idi Amin Dada, Barbet Schroeder

 Antonio Gaudí, Hiroshi Teshigahara

Louie Bluie, Terry Zwigoff

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