Two Full-Length Trailers for ‘Spring Breakers’ Finally Hit the Internet

I went away for Spring Break once, during my junior year; two friends and I went to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, North Carolina, which is where old ladies and young gay guys go away on vacation, I suppose. It’s safe to say that the dirty streets of Rainbow Row and in front of the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil house were nothing like the hot nights of Southern Florida, full of beer bongs and drugs and bikinis and drugs. It’s safe to say that I never did Spring Break like the gals in Spring Breakers did, but after finally seeing a trailer for it, I think I’m OK with that?

Finally, after months of anticipation and teases, here are two new trailers for Harmony Korine’s tale of recklessness and lost youth. Revel in the sight of James Franco in cornrows and Selena Gomez brandishing a pistol. You’ve earned it.

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