Why a New Season of ‘Twin Peaks’ Is a Terrible Idea

Laura Palmer wasn’t kidding.

To this announcement of Twin Peaks being revived for a third season, I say no thank you! Mind you, this is coming from a very serious Lynch enthusiast, with a great love for everything he’s ever done. However, in reviving the series, which has been off the air for over 20 years now, it feels as though this is only to placate the newly ardent fans who have been lured into it’s weird cool caché by way of Urban Outfitters ads. To be honest, I mainly fear that a new season of Twin Peaks would now simply be a pastiche of its old self—Lynch for the sake of being Lynch, and there’s nothing Lynchian about that at all. I’m all for a television series from Lynch, in fact I think it’s the best possible format for idiosyncratic and bizarrely wonderful world to exist in now, but why not just create something new? Why explain the great mysteries that the original series thrived on—wasn’t it enough to solve our wondering with Fire Walk With Me?

 “Asked in a 2001 Empire interview whether he would ever go back to the show, he said, ‘No. Uh-uh. It`s as dead as a doornail.'”

But be that as it may, the nine-episode third season will go into production in 2015, with a 2016 premiere on Showtime, reuniting Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost. Apparently the series will be, “set in the present day, more than two decades after the events in the first two seasons. It is expected to continue the lore and story of the original series, with Lynch and Frost committed to providing long-awaited answers and, hopefully, a satisfying conclusion to the series.” No doubt Kyle MacLachlan return to revive his iconic role as Dale Cooper, but will be still have a recorder, or will he set up a Twitter account for Diane and tweet her sweet nothings and daily affirmations stemming from his dreams of gumdrops and Marilyn Monroe. Will Lynch BFF Katy Perry star as the co brunette small-town seductress? Will Russell Brand’s hair turn gray as he haunts our dreams?

What has always fascinated me about Lynch is how unwavering he is in his vision, how devoted he is to his own obsessions and aesthetic, in whatever form that takes. Whether its paintings, albums, etc. he work is in its own social and psychological sphere, but when I think of Twin Peaks revival, I’m struck with a most nauseating image: herds of people lounging around someone’s faux-panneled apartment, drinking “Blue Rose” PBR cocktails, eating vegan doughnuts, and smoking e-cigarettes. Oy.

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