Traveling From Cassavetes to Carruth: This Week on Hulu

With the wealth of rare and unique films populating Hulu’s film section, tradition holds that each week we make you privy to the best of what the Criterion Collection is highlighting on the site. But this week, I thought I’d share with you the best movies available for free on Hulu outside of the coveted collection. From The Who’s teenage wasteland of Quadrophenia to Shane Carruth’s confounding debut Primer, there’s a stunning film here for every movie mood whether it’s brilliant narratives or or illuminating documenarties you’re looking for. So as we inch closer to Friday, peruse our roundup to see just what you’ll be cuddling up to this weekend. Enjoy.


Hoop Dreams



The Beales of Grey Gardens


Hollis Frampton (nostalgia)



Lust, Caution


Harlan County, USA



The Evil Dead


Manhattan Murder Mystery




Betty Blue

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