Top Secret ‘Blair Witch’ Sequel Premiered at Comic Con

Do you remember the 1999 horror film, The Blair Witch Project? Mais oui! Of course you do. That low budget indie became an instant box office success and started the found-footage horror genre. The terror of that movie was so flawlessly executed without using any CGI and never once showing the elusive witch.

Sixteen years later, fans were blown away by the surprise premiere of Blair Witch at Comic Con. The sequel to the film that started it all was stealthily marketed as just another found footage horror titled The Woods. Last night, they unveiled the secret in a total Beyoncé power play.

The sequel follows Heather Donahue’s younger brother, James as he and his friends go into the Black Hills Forest of Maryland in search of the long missing protagonist of the original film. After 16 years of watching that movie only once in a blue moon because it was way too unsettling to play on repeat, the questions we had about that terrifying ending might finally be answered. Now let’s just pretend that Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 never happened.

Blair Witch hits theaters September 16. Watch the trailer below:

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