The Tom Cruise Crazy Meter Scrapes the Sky in Dubai

When our very own Chris Mohney visited Dubai back in May of ’09, the world’s tallest building was still under construction. The growing Burj Khalifa (then called the Burj Dubai) had long been a source of fascination for us, so Chris mustered all his courage and, from the safety of a nearby building, filmed the imposing structure in all its stratospheric glory. The Burj Khalifa has instantly shattered the lenses of lesser men, but somehow, with nothing but a video camera (camera phone?), Chris managed to capture the entire beast, lobby to radio tower. But, once again, he’s been one-upped by none other than the shortest superstar in the world, Mr. Tom Cruise.

Over the weekend, Cruise proved yet again that he’ll stop at nothing to be the craziest motherfucker out there. Cruise was caught on camera scaling the side of the 2,717 ft. behemoth, all in the name of his upcoming movie, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Cruise has long been the West’s answer to Jackie Chan: a short, perennially smiley action star who does his own stunts. But with this, he’s reached extraordinary new heights (pun very much intended). In what promises to be an unbelievable scene, Cruise, hanging from the observation deck on the 124th floor, runs across the building and jumps over a less famous, equally insane actor. A helicopter hovers ten feet away capturing the action. Suddenly, Chris’ video seems less exciting than we initially thought. Full comparison below.

Tom Cruise running across the Burj Khalifa:

image image

Chris’ video:

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