The ‘Sucker Punch’ Trailer Just Melted My Mind

On the one hand, I’m predisposed towards disliking this movie, as I had to log this review multiple times due to my short circuiting computer. On the other hand, my brain hasn’t been so thoroughly melted in a long long time. As I understand it, the plot has something to do with a mentally ill young girl who conjures up a fevered dream world of epic fantasy as an escape from the darkness of her waking life. Lines between the dream world and reality begin to blur and insane action happens. Cool. Sounds like a fascinating, fresh, incredibly bad-ass idea for a film.

Also exciting: might this be a film about complex female characters kicking ass and taking names? There aren’t enough of those. All too often, female characters are relegated to the “supporting hot bad-ass chick” role. Or the equally insulting “hot love interest largely not in the film” role. Or, the actually more insulting “hot stripper/reporter/prostitute/congresswoman/waitress/nurse/doctor/librarian/hedge fund manager/college chick/taxidermist” role.

Might we have the first female-driven action movie since Kill Bill that passes the Bechdel Test and is good and actually might find an audience? One can hope.

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