The Stars of ‘New York, I Love You’ on Big Apple Voyeurism

Four stars from this month’s ensemble film New York, I Love You , a romantic paean to the city that never sleeps, tell us they watch when no one’s looking.

● During the holidays, I love walking around the West Village at night. The brownstones are all lit from within, and through the windows you can see families and friends putting up decorations, having cocktail parties. There are lives and histories behind every door. —Eva Amurri

● After spending all night on a cold rooftop in Brooklyn, filming my final scene [in director Natalie Portman’s segment of the film], I ate a very late breakfast at Bubby’s in Tribeca. Watching the other patrons — individuals and couples — made me reflect on the common New York feelings of detachment and inclusion. — Jacinda Barrett

● Central Park in early summer is about as voyeuristic as it gets. I love seeing new couples — and old ones — enjoying one another. I love the exhibitionism. I love watching the animals communicating. Their energy gives me a buzz. –Maggie Q

Have you ever felt like you were being watched? Yes, constantly. I’m in therapy for this.

Have you ever witnessed something you shouldn’t have? 2 Girls 1 Cup.

Describe your best Rear Window moment. I once masturbated while thinking of Raymond Burr.

When has your privacy been most invaded? My mother once walked in on me masturbating while thinking of Raymond Burr.

When have you most invaded someone else’s? Sorry, but I don’t answer questions about my personal life. — Justin Bartha

Top: Justin Bartha and Eva Amurri on the set of New York, I Love You.

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