The ‘Sex & the City’ Prequel Casting Rumors Are All Wrong

The wretched Sex and the City prequel continues to fill the gossip press with nonsense, this time about who may or may not be filling the big shoes of the original cast members. Leaving aside the fact that the prequel itself is a not-so-great idea, these rumored casting decisions leave much to be desired. Let’s take a look.

Selena Gomez as Charlotte—No.

Emma Roberts as Miranda—Who?

Elizabeth Olsen (Mary-Kate and Ashley’s little sister) as Carrie—Um…I guess?

Blake Lively as Samantha—Absolutely not.

It’s that last one that’s really getting to me right now. Blake Lively doesn’t have Samantha’s claws – she’s not a force of nature like Samantha is. It’s simply wrong. I can’t think of another actress who could do Samantha as well as Kim Cattrall, and that’s because Samantha is Kim Cattrall – the actress and the character are inextricably intertwined at this point.

And Selena Gomez as Charlotte? What’s next, Justin Bieber playing Aidan? Spare us, Hollywood. Anyway, all four actresses’ reps have denied their involvement in any prequel, should it exist, so that’s encouraging (if not necessarily convincing).

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