The Oscars Won’t Move to January

Should the Oscars be held earlier in the awards season? Like, as early as January? The topic came up during Tuesday’s meeting of the Academy’s board of governors and details of the controversial proposition leaked yesterday afternoon, sending the internet into a tizzie. The gamut of reactions ran as such: This is a good thing! This is a bad thing! This is an acceptable thing! This is not an important thing, given that we have just turned the Gulf into a toxic stew! Well, everyone can stop reacting, because there’s no way they’re going to hold the Oscars in January.

The Hollywood Reporter took the lead on debunking all the ridiculous speculation.

1. Most Academy members use the end of December and January to screen all of the movies up for consideration, so moving the awards way earlier would really mess up their schedule and could, potentially, disadvantage December films. 2. Earlier awards will mean that the timetable for indie releases will have to get pushed up, which sends costs skyrocketing for indie productions. Most indie films looking for some Oscar love open in select theaters in mid-December and then roll out wider releases in January and February. But, if they have to go into wider release in December, they’re looking at more expensive ad buys, as they’re competing against big studio TV and advertisers eager to promote their Christmas products. 3. If the reason you’d push up the awards is for ratings, think again. What’s to stop the other awards-shows from going even earlier? Also, if the Academy pushes up the awards, it might have to sacrifice some of the promotional events it currently has room for in the awards season schedule.

Basically, it’s a bad idea and it ain’t happening.

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