The New ‘The Iron Lady’ Trailer Is Chock-Full of Oscary Goodness

The Weinstein Company just released a new full theatrical trailer for The Iron Lady, and it finally gives the Margaret Thatcher biopic the taut, heavily scored, Oscar-bating treatment it deserves. If you like Meryl Streep wearing dental implants and overcoming adversity, you’re going to love this. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Intense! It’s like The King’s Speech, except the protagonist’s speech impediment never gets fixed. The film has already received criticism from people who haven’t seen it, with Thatcher’s former PR advisor Tim Bell notably telling the Telegraph, “I can’t see the point of this film. Its only value is to make some money for Meryl Streep and whoever wrote it. I have no interest in seeing it.” 

Cleary the point of this film is to make Meryl Streep money and win her another Oscar, Mr. Bell. If she merely wanted to make money, she wouldn’t have passed on the script for Jack and Jill. In addition to wooing Oscar voters, The Iron Lady also lures in fans of viral Tumblr pages–see if you can spot the scene where Streep’s Thatcher is in a kitchen

The Iron Lady comes out December 30th, not that Tim Bell cares.

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