The New Heartbreak Kid: Jamie Campbell Bower

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By Nick Haramis Click here to read our full interview with Jamie Campbell Bower, and check out the star of Sweeney Todd in BlackBook magazine’s ‘New Regime Issue!’

imageBower, left, photographer’s studio, New York City.

“I’d rather be seen as a good actor than a poster boy.” A train roars by and Jamie Campbell Bower, the 19-year-old star of Sweeney Todd, lights his third cigarette. “I never really thought it would come as a break like this,” he grins, referring to his first major acting role (opposite Johnny Depp) in one of this year’s most anticipated films. “I really thought that I would have to work so much harder.”

He auditioned for the role of hapless romantic Anthony Hope, was offered the part two days later, and quickly jumped into character. “Like Anthony,” Bower deadpans, “I’ve been known to steal a girl or two, and break out into song. I fall in love very easily… very Hollywood.”

The native Brit seems very Hollywood indeed, judging by his slate of projects for 2008. First up is Guy Ritchie‘s RocknRolla, followed by a few “really, really exciting projects” he can’t discuss. Still, Sweeney might be hard to top. “I grew up with Tim [Burton’s] and Johnny’s movies,” Bower says. “Edward Scissorhands is one of my top three movies, definitely.” He pauses to take a drag. “I’m not sure why Tim makes so many movies about hair. Maybe it’s because he needs a cut so badly himself.”

Photo by Marcelo Krasilcic.