The Movie of My Dreams: James McTeigue’s ‘The Raven’

If had to make a list of my dream movie plots, at the top would be something like “Flustered woman in yellow shirt does laundry all day and then takes a nap on hardwood floor,” but since Katherine Heigl is only doing romantic comedies these days, no studio would ever touch that. Second on the list would be something like “In the last days of his life, Edgar Allen Poe hunts for a serial killer whose murders are inspired by his poems.” Today, I turned on the internet to discover that I have a kindred spirit in this world, someone who must crave my love so much, they are actually going to make that movie. James McTeigue, you complete me.

McTeigue — who made his name as the Wachowskis right-hand man on the Matrix movies and then directed V For Vendettaspoke to /Film yesterday about his new movie Ninja Assassin. During the interview, he dropped the best news I’ve heard since yesterday: he’s currently casting his next project, and it’s called The Raven. The movie is named after Edgar Allan Poe’s greatest poem (and one of the greatest poems, which you can read here), and McTeigue, as if he was trying to ask for my hand in marriage, actually described it as the “The Raven meets Se7en.” Holy crow.

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