‘The Master’ to be Re-Released in Select Theaters This Friday

If you still haven’t Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, don’t even think about watching it on your computer. Whether awards season recognizes it or not, Anderson’s in-depth character study of two distorted minds set against a massive landscape that’s as deeply mean and brutal as it is beautiful and human, the film serves as one of the most well-crafted features of the year. Brought about by a director who truly knows how to coax incredible performances from his actors The Master showcases some of the finest acting I’ve seen in a long time, with cinematography that feels massive and emotionally all-encompassing—all enhanced by Jonny Greenwood’s stunning score. This is a muscular film to be played large; it would be a shame to see it for the first time in any minimalistic way. Watching Anderson’s film play out in the dark of a theater allows you to connect with the characters, truly falling into the picture, leaving you exhausted by the end of it all as if you’ve carried the weight of their world around with you. And this weekend, both new viewers and lovers of the film will get the chance to see the film once again on the big screen.

In anticipation for the Academy Awards and Blu-Ray release, The Master will be re-released in theater tomorrow for select cities.

Here’s where it will be showing:

Los Angeles (Arclight Hollywood) in 70mm
Chicago (Landmark Sunshine City Centre)
Philadelphia (Ritz at the Bourse)
San Francisco (Opera Plaza Cinema)
Washington, D.C. (E Street Cinema)
New York (Cinema Village East)

And for those of you in New York and looking to celebrate seeing the film, there will be a screening at the Crosby Hotel Screening Room as part of their Sunday Night Film Club. Enjoy dinner and a movie for $55 per person, or cocktail, bar plate, and movie for $35 per person. 

Surely, you can clear your schedules. But for now, let’s have a listen to some of the striking score to get us in the mood.

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