The ‘Human Centipede’ Pipe You Didn’t Ask For

There must be said for the artistic abilities of the druggy set: they certainly have some brilliant ideas. And then there’s this one, which is "brilliant" if you’re Dutch and into pooping in someone’s mouth and filmining it in a sadistic torture-porn kinda way. Yes, Tom Six’s sadistic, modern horror classic The Human Centipede has inspired, of all things, a lovely little device with which to get fucked up. 

It was created by some anonymous artist (so weird that he wouldn’t want the credit for this one!), and the detail is impressive, I suppose, although I haven’t watched the film because I’m not really into forced rim jobs. And maybe my knowledge of drug paraphernalia is limited, but… this looks like the sort of thing someone would smoke meth out of? I guess? I’m saying that not because of the construction but because the situation in which one would smoke out of a Human Centipede-inspired pipe would also require, like, HITTING ROCK BOTTOM.

Check out more views of the pipe below:

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