‘The Five-Year Engagement’ Trailer: Jason Segel Grows Up

Jason Segel’s starred in a number of movies where, for better or worse, he plays a slightly regressed man-child. But his newest role in The Five-Year Engagement looks to break that trend. Here, he’s the good-natured fiance to Emily Blunt, who must watch as her ascension up the career ladder means an increasingly indefinite hiatus for their wedding. Along the way, there’s deaths in the family, arrow-related knee injuries, and the typical rom-com pitfalls. 

Behind the camera is Nicholas Stoller, who also helmed Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That was one of the sweeter Judd Apatow-related movies, focusing more on adult issues rather than the way bros need to get down. There doesn’t seem to be much broing down in the Engagement trailer, just quippy conversations about wedding dates and so forth. (Check out Community‘s Alison Brie doing a British accent.) Parks & Recreation‘s Chris Pratt also stars, and the whole movie  looks like it will be charming in the typical Apatowian way.

The movie comes out on April 27, 2012. I know The Three Stooges is coming out earlier in the month, and it’ll be really hard to not to outspend your movie budget, but I trust you can figure it out.

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