The Films You Should Be Seeing Around New York This Weekend

For those of us sadly not heading down to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest tomorrow, it’s hard not to feel like your missing out. Between the warmth, my affinity for cowboy boots, and all the incredible films screening down there this week, I find myself shaking my fists at the cold streets of New York. However, there really is no better escape than heading into a darkened theater and falling down the rabbit hole of story and with some great things showing this weekend, the cinema takes priority. Whether its a 60s Godard classic, a pre-Spring Breakers Harmony Korine gem, or a hilarious Christopher Guest ensemble, here’s what you should be seeing in New York this weekend.

Film Society Lincoln Center

The Atomic Age
The Girl
The Suicide Shop
Journal de France


IFC Center

Beyond the Hills
The We and the I
The Exorcist

Museum of the Moving Image

Fallen Angel
Mister Lonely


Dead Man Down
High Fidelity
Heavy Metal


Waiting for Guffman
The Secret World of Arrietty

Spectacle Theater

A Night to Dismember
Picture of Light
Bath Salt Zombies
Il Demonio

Film Forum

Le Petit Soldat
Gut Renovation
The Gatekeepers

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