The Duplass Brothers Dare to Make a Pitchfork Movie

We’re big fans of the Duplass brothers, so we report this bit of movie news with wide eyes and open hearts: Jay and Mark Duplass, whose last film was the creepy-funny Cyrus, continue their major studio putsch with an intriguing script currently making the rounds, called Pitchfork. The Duplass brothers, once directors of those movies called mumblecore, are smart enough to know that their core audience won’t be able to see that title without thinking of 6.7 ratings and Win Butler, which is why Pitchfork is actually about the music website. Sort of.

Pitchfork will not be the story of how site founder Ryan Schreiber rose from his parents’ basement to become an all-powerful media god by building an army of hyper-verbose Broken Social Scene fans. Don’t think ‘ The Social Network for music geeks.’ Instead, Pitchfork will probe the dark side of blogging culture (and believe us, it gets dark, especially when we turn off the lights), by focusing on “the middle-aged mother of an indie rocker who, after her son is killed in a car accident, seeks vengeance on an online blogger who had peddled snark about her son (on the music site Pitchfork, hence one of the title’s entendres). Things take a turn, though, when she finds out the snarker is just a teenager.”

So what do you think of that? More details include mentions of Susan Sarandon in the role of the mom, and Jonah Hill, who starred in Cyrus, in the role of the blogger. And despite the Duplass’ knack for awkward laughter, this is not a comedy. In fact, it’s being called a dramatic thriller, but one with synth-funk bass and psych-drone percussion throughout.

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