The Dark Knight Rises: Viral Marketing For Action Movies Is Still A Thing

When The Dark Knight hit theatres back in the summer of 2008, it wasn’t just the film itself that people were all hyped up about. The elaborate viral marketing scheme promoting Christopher Nolan’s Batman flick, which involved online puzzles, real-life scavenger hunts in cities all across the world and more, became something of a trend that summer and beyond, with films like Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity using similar tactics.

After the success of The Dark Knight, it seems only natural The Dark Knight Rises would go with an elaborate promotional campaign. This time around, it picks up several years after the last film, with Gotham City still mourning Harvey Dent as a hero and the website revealing a dossier featuring images of the wanted vigilante known as "The Batman."

Fans are asked to forward their "evidence" of the on-the-lam Dark Knight, in this case exhibited through bat-signal graffiti in many major cities. So far, examples of TDKR graffiti, which you can follow with the hashtag #tdkr07202012, have shown up in Kansas City, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, NYC, Leeds, United Kingdom and more, with locations all over the world, including Melbourne, São Paulo and Rome, revealed in the click-through dossier on the website. Those who email or tweet their photos will receive a link to the next trailer of The Dark Knight Rises. This campaign can only get more elaborate as the July 20th release date nears, but one thing’s for sure: this overly elaborate movie marketing trend is still going.

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