‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser Poster: What Does It All Mean?

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If you doubt that The Dark Knight Rises will make a gazillion dollars when it opens next summer, allow us to prove you wrong. Last night, the teaser poster, featuring a crumbling Gotham City and a bat-shaped opening in the sky, debuted online. Movie posters debut online all the time, but the fanfare that’s met this reveal is unprecedented.

TDKR is currently near the top of Google Trends, and blogs all across the netscape are clamoring to figure out: What does it all mean? Here are some musings from around the web. (People really put on their thinking caps!)

NME: “Bat-fans have already begun debating what the image represents, with some seeing the outline as ‘the hole’ left by the masked vigilante and the clear-ish sky as a metaphor for better days ahead.”

/Film: Is Gotham being destroyed or rebuilt? Is that debris falling or, as the title suggests, rising? The composition also suggests a Gotham citizen looking up and seeing the outline of a bat as the only bright sky (and it isn’t even particularly bright) against the devastation of Gotham, implying that Batman gets his redemption and a truly heroic end to this trilogy.”

EW: “The poster might remind you of another new classic of Nolan’s (think: Buuuum… Buuuum!) or just make you very interested in seeing how Dark Knight Rises destroys poor Pittsburgh Gotham City.”

Huffington Post: “From the rubble of a city, a broken hero must rise again.”

Here’s what we think the poster means: $

Either way, well played, Mr. Nolan. Well played indeed.