Studios May Stop Paying for 3D Glasses, Won’t Stop Making 3D Movies

The 3D movie-going experience may get even crappier. Sony has announced they will stop paying for the glasses handed out in theaters for 3D movies. Studios can sometimes pay up to $10 million on the specs for a major release, and many are believed to be joining Sony in their move to stop footing the bill. What does this mean for you, simple consumer trying to blow off some steam at Shark Night 3D? You could start paying for those crummy glasses yourself.

Studios originally started supplying the glasses as an incentive for theater companies to pay to adapt their locations for the RealD technology. If they follow Sony’s lead, customers will likely have to pay for the glasses on top of the two to three dollar surcharge 3D tickets already have tacked on. Soon, you could very well be paying $20 to see Nic Cage’s Summer Suckfest 3D. Here’s an idea for studios if they want to find a way to save money on 3D glasses: Stop making 3D movies. It’s painful to think that a film couldn’t get funded because a studio had to fork over millions of dollars for Saw 3D’s glasses. As long as people keep paying to see these movies, however, this is unlikely to happen. So please, stop going to 3D movies, America. Right after Lion King 3D, that movie is great.

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