Steven Soderbergh is Writing a Novella on Twitter

From his Oscar-winning, beloved, and acclaimed narrative features such as Traffic, Sex, Lies, and Video TapeThe Limey, Che, Side Effects, Magic MikeErin Brockovich, etc. to his documentary works like Gray’s Anatomy and And Everything’s Going Fine, there’s no denying Steven Soderbergh is as genius as he is prolific. But when you look back on his body of work, it’s hard to imagine that his 36 directorial features stemmed from the same bizarre and vast mind. And if there’s one pocket of that mysterious brain I’d always wished he’d return to, it’s wherever he stored the magic from his 1996 comedy Schizopolis.

And although he’s now "retired," Soderbergh is still pumping out projects left and right, and last night apparently took to his shadow Twitter account—not technically varified but he’s confirmed to be so—to do a little storytelling for us. With the handle Bitchuation, he’s posted little diddy’s and one-off things in the past, but as of yesterday, decided to grace us with seven chapters of a novella titled, Glue. It’s totally weird and nonsensical and maybe brilliant, making me feel like if this was an actual thing, could totally live in the world of Schizopolis. Beginning with the epitaph "’I am a human being, so nothing human is strange to me.’ Terentius" he then adds another epitaph before starting in on his tale, which hops and skips from photos, to brief snippets of story: "Your first memory of her was her neck. Neither of you said anything worth hearing that night, the first of three at the Nacional," to more of this: "turner’s fucking cat food if he doesn’t PHONE yes? BEAT hello? BEAT hi, ted, i was BEAT yes, i know i BEAT i don’t really have one right now."
When he’s not being dramatic, Soderbergh’s humor has always elicited the kind of laughter that’s almost silent, you know, that inaudible pitch of hysteria that causes you to flop over into the fetal position, rocking away. But whatever this novella tweeting is, I love it and fully support it. So take a read over on the page, and in while we’re here, let’s just watch some amazing moments from Schizopolis, because that’s what this was really an excuse for anyhow.

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