Stephen Baldwin Calls President Obama ‘Homey’

It’s common knowledge that Alec Baldwin leans hard to the left when it comes to politics. He’s never been shy about airing his opinions, and in a recent interview he even suggested that he may soon forego acting altogether in favor of some other line of work, viz.—elected office. But not all of the Baldwin brood shares Alec’s liberal inclinations. In fact, brother Stephen is an arch conservative who’s found a niche in talk radio (to say nothing of his countless reality tv appearances). He turned up yesterday at the annual CPAC conference, where he was charged with organizing the next generation of the Republican party faithful. He also managed to put his foot squarely in his mouth during an interview with ABC. Video after the jump.

“I’m gonna be real straight with you,” Baldwin told ABC’s Jonathan Karl. “I am not happy about the way things are. I pray for President Obama every single day. But tell you what. Homey made this bed, now he has got to lay in it.”

He gives good sound byte, no? Who else would mix clichéd metaphor with questionable terminology like “homey.” The Huffington Post has tried to stir the pot by insisting that the term unequivocally means “gang member,” but for my part it mostly conjures up an old In Living Color sketch. In any case, Baldwin should probably stick to scripted dialog in the future. His skill at extemporizing is nil.

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