Stanley Kubrick and Nicolas Winding Refn Cinematographer Larry Smith Gets His Directorial Debut

In terms of aesthetics, when I think of the most ideal party to attend, my brain always goes immediately to Ziegler’s Christmas party in the beginning of Eyes Wide Shut. Or, depending on my current mental state, the Pet Shop Boys-soundtracked thorazine dream dance party in Bronson. Either way, the man behind such emotionally striking and technically well-crafted moments on film, cinematographer Larry Smith, has certainly been keeping himself busy. As of late, Smith has been shooting Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest much-anticipated Ryan Gosling collaboration, Only God Forgives, the Thai boxing thriller, set for a 2013 release . Having worked together before on the television movie Miss Marple and 2008’s Bronson, NWF is now set to produce Smith’s directorial debut, Traffickicker.

As of now, little is known about Smith’s debut besides that it, "chronicles the Vietnamese drug trade in Australia. Refn, along with his producer Lene Børglum, will be backing the project scripted by Singapore’s Ken Kwek." Working alongside the likes of Stanley Kubrick and NWF for years is bound to have some brilliant effect on a person and so it’s safe to say we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. For now, check out an amazing supercut of Smith’s dazzling work.



LARRY SMITH CINEMATOGRAPHER from Olly Stothert on Vimeo.

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