Spend Your Evening With David Lynch

“Everybody relies on ideas. Ideas are the most important things. Every single thing in the world that was made by anyone started with an idea, so to catch one, that is powerful enough to fall in love with, it is one of the most beautiful experiences. Its like being jolted with electricity and knowledge at the same time.”

Tonight, haunting and heartbreaking auteur, musician, artist, and transcendental meditation enthusiast David Lynch will head to the stage at BAM for a conversation with the  New York Public Library’s director of public programs Paul Holdengräber.  The two will discuss everything from Lynch’s fascinating creative process, which has given birth to some of the most visionary and brilliant films of the last century, to his TM practices and a bit of everything in between.

So for those of us unable to attend the event, you can still spend an evening with David Lynch taking a look back through some of our favorite moments of the filmmaker discussing his work. Between talk show appearances and documentaries to behind-the-scenes discussions and cooking segments, turn down the lights and make it a Lynchian evening.


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