Sony Pictures Classics Picks Up ‘Before Midnight’

With only a little over a day left of the Sundance Film Festival, acquisitions are firing up left and right as studios manically rush snatch up the features they anticipate will garner further success and make back the enormous amounts of cash they’ve been acquiring them for. We’ve seen record-breaking deals this week with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon’s Addiction and the ensemble comedy The Way, Way Back, but now it’s been reported that the bidding war for Richard Linklater’s third installment of Jesse and Celine’s decades-spanning tale of what could be, Before Midnight, has been won by Sony Pictures Classics.

Apparently the studio paid "well into seven figures" for the drama, which is a pretty hefty bill for a film that’s not exactly guaranteed to make all of that back. I mean, yes, of course people worship these movies and have been waiting almost a decade just to find out if Jesse got on that plane, but it’s a particular niche. Whatever, I’m just happy it exists. So when will we get to see it? Before Sunrise had a January release while Before Sunset opened in the heat of July, and with anticipation running high on the picture it would make sense of the studio to possibly give the Greece-set film a summer release. Here’s to hoping!

Let’s enjoy some clips.

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