Shailene Woodley Cast as Lead in ‘Fault In Our Stars’ Adaptation

If you haven’t heard much about The Fault In Our Stars, you probably either don’t know many young adults (or regular adults who read a lot of YA literature) or don’t go on the Internet a whole lot. The John Green novel (which gets its name from a quote from Julius Caesar)  about two teenagers who meet in a support group for young people living with cancer, was one of the best-reviewed and most talked-about books of 2012 by readers of all ages, and Green himself is something of a literary icon for the Tumblr set. 

So of course there was going to be a movie. And John Green’s international network of diehards probably had plenty of suggestions for who to cast as Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, Green’s protagonists. Today, after more than 250 auditions, the choice for Hazel was announced as Shailene Woodley, who first broke ground on the treacly ABC Family melodrama The Secret Life of the American Teenager before wowing critics (and earning a Golden Globe nod) for her performance in The Descendants. Woodley was also recently announced as the lead in the upcoming adaptation of Divergent, another buzzy YA novel, though this one is set in a dystopian-future version of Chicago. Anyway, the Internet will probably have lots of opinions about this casting choice, but the creator of the character is on board!

John Green has been supportive of the adapation, which will be co-written by Scott Neustadter (500 Days of Summer) and Michael Weber (The Spectacular Now) and directed by Josh Boone (Stuck In Love). And he was pretty stoked about the decision to cast Woodley as one of the leads, and took to one of his favorite spaces, his Tumblr, to tell his fans just why

"I am very excited about this.
Here’s the thing, tumblr: Shailene Woodley loves The Fault in Our Stars. She really does, and in her audition, she just was Hazel—at least to me. You can read what Josh (the director) had to say about it in the article above, but for me her commitment to the book and deep understanding of Hazel make her the perfect choice."
Now, of course, comes the question of who will play Augustus Waters, Hazel’s love interest. A quick search through the "Augustus Waters" tag on Tumblr brings up pleas for Freddie Highmore, Evan Peters, Logan Lerman, Grant Gustin and many more. This is like Finnick Odair all over again, y’all.
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