Before Seeing ‘Buzzard,’ Enjoy Joel Potrykus’ ‘Coyote’

Like all great things, Joel Potrykus’ latest feature Buzzard only gets better with time. With the ability to seamlessly blend Mauvais Sang and Mountain Dew, the more I ruminate on the film’s nuances and unique brand of humor and passion, the more I love it. And as the final film in his “Animal Trilogy,” Buzzard stars Potrykus’ friend and collaborator, the absolutely wonderful Joshua Burge, whose presence onscreen is as hilarious as it is dramatically compelling—and couldn’t be more perfectly grounded in Potrykus’ world.

But for the Grand Rapids-bred filmmaker, the first two films in his trilogy both garnered acclaim, and now you can watch Coyotehis 24-minute short that proceeded Ape. The film again stars Burge in a super 8-shot “collage of bizarre episodes” that follow “a drug-addicted drifter…involving music, mysterious bodies, both heroin and crack, dancing, and squatting—until eventually reaching a transformative climax that vaguely contextualizes what came before while simultaneously raising a whole slew of questions.”

Yesterday, I got the chance to chat with Potrykus and Burge, but before we share our conversation with the two, check out their first film together with Coyote.

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