See the First Trailer for Laurie Collyer’s Powerful ‘Sunlight Jr.’

With an affinity and talent for the highlighting the grit and authenticity of the struggles of everyday people endure just existing and attempting to live their lives in the face of hardship, filmmaker Laurie Collyer’s Sunlight Jr.—which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last springis an incredibly brave and visceral film that examines the lives of a couple on the verge of poverty and the day-to-day strain of their life and love. And with a principle cast of Naomi Watts, Matt Dillion, and Norman Reedus, the film is elevated by their powerful performances, completely immersed in their characters. 

To be honest, Watts is always at her best when panicked and desolate and knows just how to convey a tremendous amount of anxious emotion without ever begging for our sympathy. In Sunlight Jr. she completely disappears into the role and thanks to Collyer’s direction, delivers one of her best performances in years. And with the film’s release coming up this November, there’s finally a trailer for Florida-set drama. Take a look below.

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