See Louis C.K. & Nick Offerman Star in a Movie Together More Than a Decade Ago

If you were to ask most anyone who their favorite comedic men on television are, the answer would more than likely be a resounding: Louis C.K. and Nick Offerman. And although the two have only become beloved household names in the last two years, they’ve been scrapping their way through the Hollywood rounds for years. If you look back twelve years, you’ll see C.K. was writing and directing movies like Pootie Tang and Offerman was guest starring as Nick the Plumber on Will & Grace (alongside wife Megan Mullally). But even though their meteoric rise seemed happen at the same time, we rarely see the two together. C.K. did play an awkwardly nervous cop who dated Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec for a while, but unfortunately he and Ron Swanson never spent time bonding, drinking scotch or building a boat together.

However, a year before Pootie Tang, in 2000, the two dudes starred in a movie together, simply titled Tuna. The super, super low-budget film directed by Bob Byington (Somebody Up There Loves Me, Harmony and Me) is basically about people just driving around Los Angeles talking in their cars—but still, you’ll have to watch this. And earlier this week, writer of the film Adam DeCoster put the film up on YouTube and now we can all get a look at the young, fresh faces of Offerman and C.K. alongside Jon Glaser, David Krumholtz, and Kevin Corrgian.

Check it out below.

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