See Another Video of Young Bradley Cooper Asking Thoughtful Questions on ‘Inside the Actors Studio’

To most of the world, Bradey Cooper: Serious Actor is a rather new concept. But to Cooper himself, I am assuming that has been his intention all along. And by now, we’ve all seen images from a less-polished but adorable young student Coop asking Robert De Niro a very acterly queston on Inside the Actors Studio


Bradley: How you doing Mr De Niro, my name is Bradley Cooper and my question is regarding Awakenings. You talked about your research and how you, you interviewed a lot of patients and people who had the different diseases. There was one mannerism you had during the interview process when they were asking you when you wanted to go outside the building and go for a walk and you went like this with your finger and you sort of made up for it by rubbing your eyebrow and I was wondering, is that something that you saw people do, trying to make up for their ticks or was that something that happened in the moment?
Robert De Niro: That’s a good question.

I had seen that clip in my past obsessive James Lipton phase, so after seeing Silver Linings Playbook for the first time, my immediate reaction was immensive pride for Bradley Cooper—which is a weird feeling to be consumed by. Anyway, as the Oscars are this Sunday, it’s interesting to see Hollywood come full circle as Cooper and De Niro are nominated alongside one another for Silver Linings like the good father-son duo they are. It was De Niro afterall who championed Cooper for the role.

But that wasn’t his only time on the show. In another episode—new to me—we see a long-haired and tie-clad inquisitive Cooper propose a question to Sean Penn and then watch him very intently as he answers. All y’all acting students out there…take notes?

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