See a Stunning New US Trailer & Poster for Carlos Reygadas’ ‘Post Tenebras Lux’

The follow-up to Carlos Reygadas Silent Light premiered last year at Cannes, and with this year’s film festival but a month away, we have finally been graced with a stunning US trailer for the film. Post Tenebras Lux, the fourth film from Mexican writer and director Reygadas, won him the Best Director award at last year’s festival and since has been picked up by Strand Releasing. The semi-autobiographical tale goes as follows:

…ostensibly the story of an upscale, urban family whose move to the Mexican countryside results in domestic crises and class friction, is a stunningly photographed, impressionistic psychological portrait of a family and their place within the sublime, unforgiving natural world. Reygadas conjures a host of unforgettable, ominous images: a haunting sequence at dusk as Reygadas’s real-life daughter wanders a muddy field and farm animals loudly circle and thunder and lightning threaten; a glowing-red demon gliding through the rooms of a home; a husband and wife visiting a swingers’ bathhouse with rooms named after famous philosophers. By turns entrancing and mystifying, POST TENEBRAS LUX palpably explores the primal conflicts of the human condition.

The film opens on May 1st and with a trailer this absolutely beautiful and promising, it’s hard not to be waiting with baited breath for the upcoming release. And although quite aesthetically different than the trailer, Post Tenebras Lux also boasts new own gorgeous new poster.

See for yourself below.


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