See a New Poster for ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ + Hear About the Film’s Harrowing Process

Since its premiere at Cannes back in May, Abdellatif Kechiche latest film Blue is the Warmest Color, has been garnering both praise and dramatic headlines. The emotionally-charged three-hour drama that explores the lesbian relationship between two young women won him and his leading actresses—Lea Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos—the Palme d’Or at the festival and will finally be coming to theaters in the states in October. We’ve seen clips and photos from film and an international trailer, but now there’s a new poster for the film—which seems to highlight one of the lighter moments in the stirring feature. 

When we spoke to Seydoux back in October, as she was doing the rounds for her film Sister, she told us that working with Kechiche was “very, very intense…maybe his method is like Lars von Trier,” saying that with a film this emotionally grueling, “you have to adapt yourself to become very strong.” But with the Blue’s release on the horizon, the two stars of the film recently spoke with The Daily Beast for a very candid interview about the making of the film and its psychological effect. In speaking to the controversial 10-minute sex scene in the film, Seydoux said:
He warned us that we had to trust him—blind trust—and give a lot of ourselves. He was making a movie about passion, so he wanted to have sex scenes, but without choreography—more like special sex scenes. He told us he didn’t want to hide the character’s sexuality because it’s an important part of every relationship. So he asked me if I was ready to make it, and I said, “Yeah, of course!” because I’m young and pretty new to cinema. But once we were on the shoot, I realized that he really wanted us to give him everything. Most people don’t even dare to ask the things that he did, and they’re more respectful—you get reassured during sex scenes, and they’re choreographed, which desexualizes the act.
And when asked if the filmmaking experience was enjoyable and if they’d work the Kechiche again, Seydoux replied, “It was horrible,” and “never,” whereas Exarchopoulos said, “ In every shoot, there are things that you can’t plan for, but every genius has his own complexity. [Kechiche] is a genius, but he’s tortured. We wanted to give everything we have, but sometimes there was a kind of manipulation, which was hard to handle,” and “I don’t think so.” But as the first actresses to have won the Palem d’Or alongside their director, you’d assume that might make the troubling process worth it, no? “Well, thank god we won the Palme d’Or, because it was so horrible.” said Seydoux. “
Check out the new poster and trailer below.
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