See a New Clip From Antonio Campos’ Chilling ‘Simon Killer’

Yesterday, I posted my interview with actor Brady Corbet and director Antonio Campos, whose dark and visceral film Simon Killer hits theaters this Friday. The story of a dangerously lonely and horny college grad who heads to Paris after a breakup is brought to life through the psychologically unnerving directorial work of Campos and a stunning and violent performance from Corbet. It’s a penetrating and haunting film that’s told through various layers of deceit and aggression but chips away at you like a ticking in the back of your mind.

And with a new clip from the film we see an innocent seeming Simon during his first time at the club where he meets his love interest, Victoria (played by the wonderful Mati Diop). But even in the stillest of moments such as this there’s an sense of discomfort, making you ill at ease and totally enthralled. Check it out below.

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