See a Dark New Batch of Clips and Features for Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Only God Forgives’

In the way that Paul Schrader’s Hardcore felt like pure Schrader id—an absolute tonal and visual summation of his impulsive obsessions—Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest work of brilliance Only God Forgives, feels like an amalgam of both his early cinematic fetishes and what he has been waiting his whole life to be able to show us—completely and utterly a neon-lit and blood-spattered world of his own making.

Unlike Drive, Only God Forgives is no Ryan Gosling-led fairytale, rather it’s a hyper-real look at a mother and son out for violent revenge in a Refn world where human connection is always achingly desperate yet staunchly distant. The overwhelmingly color-drenched and stunning film plays like candy for those who crave the filmmakers style and with the release of the feature coming up later this month, there are four new clips for you to feast your eyes and ears on, alongside a series of featurettes as well.

Now, if you haven’t yet had the painful pleasure of viewing the film, I would suggest you perhaps think before pressing that play button. Satisfying that urge of excitement may feel good now but the surprise and thrill of seeing the film as a whole in the cinema, is liking to be much more rewarding. So scroll down at your own caution, we’ll be waiting with anticipation for July 19th to see the film again.


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