See a Beautiful First Clip From Terrence Malick’s ‘To the Wonder’

Between the cracks of Terrence Malick’s silences live hundreds of emotions just rising to the surface. His quiet moments, more powerful than most words could ever articulate. And when we look back on pain or love, memories flash and dissolve in one’s mind in fractions, remembering with a photographic sense, not what he said in the arguement but the way your stomach filled with fire, not the screaming but the way his teeth looked when he did so. And Malick captures that heightened beauty of memory, even in the most exhausted moments.

So with To the Wonder, which will hit American theaters May 12th, we’ve gotten a peak at everything from gorgeous stills to behind the scenes features and trailers, but now a first clip from the film has been released to keep your excitement on the rise. This clip shows Olga Kurylenko and Ben Affleck as their pair of tortured lovers forced to deal with questions of faith, intimacy, obsession, dependence, and what it means to exist with real love inside you. In this first clip, we see them at The Mont Saint-Michael, referred to as "Wonder of the West." It’s a grey scene but a more spiritual moment before love goes sour. Take a look.

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