Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Reunite for Romaction Film

Hot on the heels of The Washington Post’s hard-hitting expose on romaction movies—the latest white-hot cinematic trend, in which (get this) romantic comedy is combined with action (groundbreaking, truly groundbreaking)—Sandra Bullock has signed on to star with her The Proposal co-star Ryan Reynolds in what sounds an awful lot like a romaction film. THR reports that Bullock and Reynolds will reunite for Most Wanted, with Bullock as a woman on the run and Reynolds as the agent tasked with handling her. It will apparently be similar to 1988’s Robert De Niro action/comedy Midnight Run.

Released in 2009, Bullock and Reynolds’s The Proposal was a dud with critics (it stands at 43% on Rotten Tomatoes) but a hit with audiences. It wound up grossing over $317 million and helped to relaunch Bullock’s career. Check out the trailer below:

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