Ryan Gosling on Learning Muay Thai Boxing

The daily influx of Ryan Gosling news/photos/Internet junk has died down lately. Let’s check in on him, shall we? The actor is in Bangkok, Thailand where he is learning Muay Thai fighting for a role that has him reuniting with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn. How is learning to kick ass going?

"It’s sparring basically. They don’t really use weights. Nicolas is doing it as well," Gosling tells THR of preparing for the film Only God Forgives. "It’s very hard. They have people training around me and they could all beat me up.”

Ah, but they would never harm that face.

In related Golsing news, tabloid paper of record The National Enquirer reports that George Clooney is pissed the actor blew off the Golden Globes. “"Ryan Goslingis a (bleep)! The (bleep) stood me up!"

Perfect opportunity for Gosling to show off his new skills. Fight, fight, fight! 

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