Rudd & Aniston Relax in ‘Wanderlust’ Red-Band Trailer

In Wanderlust, Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston play an overstressed NYC couple who find themselves at a hippie commune after Rudd is laid off from his job. Having nothing else better to do, they decide to hang out for a few weeks and explore their feelings amidst a collection of stoners, nudists and Malin Akerman. Directed by David Wain, it looks to be as reliably rude as his previous mainstream comedies like Role Models, which also starred Rudd. Case in point: this newly released red-band trailer, which balances jokes about drugged-out orgies with jokes about jerking off cows. 

The punch lines are not incredibly subtle, no. But they will do while we wait for Wain to get on that Wet Hot American Summer sequel/prequel/whatever it is. Wanderlust comes out on February 24, which is next week! We’re all very excited.

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