‘Red Dawn’ Reboot Nabs Jeffrey Dean Morgan as New Powers Booth

A little over a year after its announcement at last year’s Cannes Festival, MGM’s reboot of beloved 1984 teen actioner Red Dawn is going into production, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in final talks to star. “I just love that fucking movie, ever since I was a kid,” he told Collider recently. “I guess I’m more or less the old Powers Booth character. There’s all the kids and Powers Booth is the pilot that lands in the film and kind of helps them take down the bad guys. Blow communism away.”

Of course, the premise of teenagers forming a guerilla unit to combat an invading horde of Russian and Cuban communists was timelier back in 1984. The update features a new, less convincing foe: the Chinese, come to pick a fight over oil reserves. Director Dan Bradley, a vet stunt man and second-unit director (The Bourne films, Quantum of Solace) making his helming debut, has offered that he wants the film to be “relevant and real.” I’m not sure how to reconcile that with the idea of a Chinese invasion. Given Bradley’s CV, my suspicion is that “relevant and real” is perhaps just a euphemism for “lots of kickass action sequences.”

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