Production Begins on Wim Wenders’ ‘Every Thing Will Be Fine’

To fall in love with a film is no small matter. And to then fall in love with a director’s entire body of work only amplifies anticipation for their next project. So when it comes to cinematic announcements, few have pleased me more than back in May when we learned that iconic German director Wim Wenders was preparing to begin production on his follow-up to 2011’s brilliant ode to Pina Bausch, Pina.

There are a rare few directors who fall into the category of unconditional love, knowing you’ll probably find yourself infatuated with anything they create, but with the sound of Wim’s latest, we needn’t worry. Set to star the man of far too many hyphenates to name, James Franco, Every Thing Will Be Fine appears to have begun principal photography in Montreal—and not only that, but Charlotte Gainsbourg has been added to the leading cast. 
As we noted back in May:
With a script penned by Bjørn Olaf Johannessen, the film will star Franco as Tomas, a writer whom we follow for twelve years after he accidentally causes the death of a child and is forced to examine his life, as well as that of Kate, the child’s mother. But this will not be your typical family drama fare, considering Wenders will be shooting the film in 3-D. An odd choice, you’d assume, but if this works at all in way that Pina did, it could truly be something groundbreaking and incredible. Rather than conventional 3-D, which I usually tend to avoid, the figures in Pina do not pop out or invade your space—rather, you invade theirs. It’s as if you’re transported onto the stage with them and surround their world, getting a immersive look into the world that he’s created in a way that truly enhaces everything about what you’re seeing. Using Steadicams rigs, Wenders dissolves the distance between character and spectator, and if he can manage to do that with a structured narrative such as this, well, just hand me the box of Kleenex now.
Speaking to the project Wenders has said, "Every Thing Will Be Fine is a family drama, unravelling over the course of 12 years. A story of guilt and forgiveness, and of accepting things you cannot change anymore. We wrote it with 3D in mind, and I’m convinced that the medium lends itself really well to an intimate story." 
So in the meantime, let’s all begin counting down to 2014 when the film has its German and Canadian releases and hopefully will hit the states sooner rather than later. 
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