Pop Quiz: Jason Behr, the Next Hollywood Playboy

Jason Behr is often be referred to as the guy from Roswell — you know, that sci-fi UPN cult series. But while his days of alien/human interactions may be over, the female fanbase will never disappear. With Behr’s casual guy-I’d-like-to-introduce-to-my-folks appearance and sultry bad-boy-with-a-good-heart attitude, how could they? As the star of Steve Clark’s directorial debut The Last International Playboy, playing Jack Frost (the playboy), Behr shows audiences that he can act the tortured soul living a life of excess better than most. Catch him next in Oliver Stone’s Pinkville, due out in 2011. Before tonight’s premiere of TLIP, Behr dedicated some good thinking time to our Pop Quiz questions.

Hardest scene to shoot in Last International Playboy? We were shooting this scene in a dog park, and [Mike] Landry had to eat a hot dog. [Steve] Clark and [Thomas] Moffett always had him eating in scenes. So Frost is having this little epiphany in the middle of all these dogs. Two of ’em were “acting dogs” and the rest were just people’s dogs. Fucking everywhere. And this one French bulldog wanted in on Landry’s wiener. Every take, at some point, this massive, smiling, drooling, crazy-faced Frenchie would start eating the hot dog in his hand. It was fucking hilarious, and very hard to keep it together. You just had to laugh. I think Landry must’ve eaten 20 weenies.

Thing you have in common with your character, Jack Frost? A penchant for cursing in front of children. Like a truck driver. It’s an awful habit. And an appreciation for a frosty Singha. If you don’t have Singha … you don’t have beer.

What will you title your memoirs? Great question. I’m not done yet … so I don’t know. Maybe, ACT 1. WORKING TITLE …

Biggest rock star fantasy? Being on stage with thousands of people singing your words with you. A huge shared experience. And a deeply personal one for everyone. All at once. That would be powerful.

Please complete this sentence: Without ________, I would be terrible at _______. Without life, I would be terrible at acting.

Ever been starstruck? Muhammad Ali. He just really is the Greatest.

Most important thing you’ve learned in the last year? Patience.

If you could be any classic film icon? Travis Bickle. You know, something nice for the kiddies. Taxi Driver is one of my favorites, and I know it is a cliché. But I don’t know any actor who wouldn’t want to play that character. You just can’t. DeNiro was perfect.

Book you’ve read the most in your life? Catcher in the Rye. Maybe that’s where I got all that cursing.

Stress-relieving maneuver? Singha.

What’s your talent show talent? Caps. By Royal Permission only. Best birthday? I got a bulldog as a family gift five years ago. My doorbell rang. I opened the door to this tiny little stinkball wrapped in an “I Love NY” t-shirt. Sweetest thing you ever did see.

Favorite Morrissey song? Hmmm … that’s a trick question right?

Mac or PC? That’s like asking Dos Equis or Singha; The Most Interesting Man in the World or The Last International Playboy … And I am going with Jack Fucking Frost. So, um, yeah … Mac.

Oliver Stone or Steve Clark? Both! That would be one hell of an experience. That’s another thing I have in common with Jack Frost. To have your cake and eat it too.

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